3 Aug 2011

how to connect samsung mobile to pc fore internet?

Many people ask me how to connect samsung mobile to pc fore internet then i put this post.Today I’m going to be showing you how to connect to the internet using Samsung PC Studio and your Samsung mobile phone as a modem.
Please make sure that you have a strong internet connection as the NPS download is quite heavy coming in at about 165MB.
{NOTE:- first check ur mobile for right access point.}
Download and Install Samsung New PC Studio. Here’s a Direct Download Link
{don't download needed If u have CD of this pc suite/already installed in your PC.}
Once the installation is complete, open the software and connect your phone via the USB cable to your computer.  When your phone prompts you, select PC Studio. As soon as the computer recognizes your phone, it will immediately pop up to the right of the screen.
By the default, the Samsung NPS Internet Connector is deactivated and as such will have to be activated before we can connect to the internet.
Click on Widget Settings, add the Internet Connector widget and hit the OK button.
The Internet Connector widget should now be shown along side other widgets. If it doesn’t appear, you’d have to scroll a little to the right to see it as you might be having too many widgets which are blocking it from being seen at once.


Click on the Internet Connector Widget ====> Menu =====> Connection Settings
Samsung NPS by default comes with the internet settings of some countries and networks already configured. If your country is not listed, you’d have to manually configure it.
I’m going to assume that your country is not listed in the software.
Hit the + button beside Select connection settings then start filling in the slots.
1.   Connection Name: The name of your network
2.   Select Country: select Other
3.   Network Provider: Other
     4.   APN name: your network’s apn{Ex. TATA.DOCOMO.INTERNET}
     5.  Phone number: *99#
     6. User ID: blank
     7. Password: blank
     8. Click on Add.
Your newly setup Samsung internet connection settings should now appear. Click the OK button to return to the Internet Connector widget.
To connect to the internet, click on Connect then answer yes to the pop-up that follows.
Wait a few seconds for Samsung’s New PC Studio to find your network and then connect you.
then your internet is connected.
To disconnect from the internet, hit the disconnect button.


  1. my pc showing no sign when i connect it with usb cable in pc studio mode of my samsung chat 322
    plz help me out... as soon as possible

  2. search your phone drivers on Google and install them...

  3. Hey actuly i have download pc samsung studio but starting download then why to show 167Mb size but actul size is 67Mb so please ask

  4. Hello Dude,

    Nice site u hv created..........thanks for sharing the valuable tips here about how to connect samsung mobile to pc fore internet?

  5. Thanks For Your Valuable Reply

  6. hlo
    sir i have download samsumg kies and samsung pc studio bt they r nt install correctlyin my pc .
    plz tell me how to install all these and how to connect the pc..../

  7. You have to use samsung kies from ther website..
    And remove all other software installed releted samsung pc studio ...then try to install new version...


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